Monday, 23 April 2012

What Should a Divorce Property Division Lawyer in Chicago Do for You?

Usually, the most acrimonious divorces happen because both partners want the same thing—and they are willing to fight for it.  Yes, sometimes they both want one property, or at the very least a 50/50 split which usually implies liquidation and a splitting of the cash funds.  Chances are, if you are going through a painful and hostile divorce, you are fighting to keep your beloved home, or perhaps a place of business. 

What should you do when your livelihood, indeed your happiness, is threatened? Then it’s time to contact a divorce property division lawyer in Chicago.  A divorce is not merely a matter of dividing everything 50/50.  A divorce also takes into account items such as real farm and ranch properties, oil and gas royalties (mineral rights), inheritance, separate property characterization and tracing, and deferred compensation plans. 

A divorce property division lawyer in Chicago, Illinois can help you sort through the many complications that can and will occur in a divorce.  Remember to look for a lawyer who is experienced in property division cases, and has won those cases.  You should feel great confidence in the professional you have chosen once you take a look at a history of their clients and judgments. 

The lawyer should also be personable, supportive and empathetic.  He or she is not just your legal counsel but should also provide a friendly guide through this complicated process. 

A divorce property division lawyer in Chicago must also know specifics about Chicago law, as each state has its own guidelines and statutes on what must happen when property is appraised and divided.  You don’t have to “lose everything” just because you are going through a divorce.  You can benefit from discussing your case with an experienced lawyer.  Contact one in your area right now and ask for a consultation!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A Divorce Property Division Lawyer in Chicago Can Hold Your Home Together

A divorce property division lawyer in Chicago doesn’t just handle your case—he or she can literally hold your home together after going through a grueling divorce.   Yes, sometimes divorces are easy, especially when there are no assets to divide up.  However, when there is money, property and children in the equation, suddenly the terms are far more complicated. 

If a partner feels angry, and hires a particularly aggressive attorney, the divorce can become ugly and expensive in a hurry.  When emotions are running high, negotiation is suddenly a very difficult thing, and this is when it’s imperative that you have an experienced divorce property division lawyer in Chicago on your side.

A divorce property division lawyer in Chicago can help keep things peaceable when there is room for negotiation, or can stand up for your rights if the other side is requesting more than is reasonable.  The old standard of a 50/50 split may not be practical in the modern business world.  This is another reason why it’s wise to hire an experienced divorce attorney.  What if you need your business property to survive?  What if you cannot afford to lose your residence? 

Yes, keeping your “home” together is the most important issue as you go through a divorce.  Remember, in a marriage without a prenuptial agreement, everything you acquire is subject to division, including property, money, and various other assets.  You may have to prove your spouse did away with some assets or develop a unique strategy that will allow you to keep the property in question. 

When looking for legal assistance, remember to find a lawyer who works with divorce property division.  This lawyer in Chicago should be experienced, friendly and compassionate and very communicative and objective regarding all of your options.  Don’t give up hope…you may well be able to keep your happy home and progress forward towards a new chapter in life!

Monday, 5 March 2012

How a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Chicago Can Help You

If you are ever accused of committing a crime you must defend yourself and defend yourself well, in full accordance with state law.  Ideally, you are innocent until proven guilty.  However, prosecuting attorneys earn their money by painting you as a hardened criminal deserving of punishment.  You are surrounded by sharks…and you must take action if you want to survive!  The best recourse when you have been charged with a crime is to seek out a qualified criminal defense lawyer in Chicago.

A criminal defense lawyer in Chicago can defend you of the charges alleged, whether they are relatively minor (DUI or possession of illegal drugs) or even something severe (homicide, terrorism or sex crimes).  Never take chances when it comes to a criminal trial.  Prosecutors usually push for the maximum punishment, especially if the accused is a repeat offender. 

Juries in criminal cases are often reminded that they should put aside their personal opinions and stick only to the evidence—even if they have serious doubts about the case itself!  This is a very precarious situation and one that could result in long jail sentences, massive fines and perhaps even death in certain states that allow death penalty justice.  Sexual crimes are another major concern.  In recent years, police officers are really cracking down on suspected perpetrators of sex crimes, particularly in cases involving the Internet or classroom relationships.

A criminal defense lawyer in Chicago can help defend you against untrue allegations (in the case of misinterpretation or even a frame-up) as well as cases in which you were guilty of a crime, but believe that the maximum sentence is too severe.  Indeed, there may be extenuating circumstances or evidence that will help clear your name or reduce the severity of sentencing.

However, in order to escape the "long arm of the law" you must hire an attorney that is experienced in defending clients accused of criminal activity, and has a great record of success.  Contact one now and ask for a free consultation!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

It’s Never Too Late to Talk to a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Chicago

The realization that you have no money and have no way to pay a long line of bills is indeed unsettling.  For some people, bankruptcy is the only solution.  However, many people are not quite sure what is involved in bankruptcy. 

This is why it is commonly recommended that you contact a bankruptcy lawyer in Chicago so that you can be guided through the process.  There are many technicalities that can make this seemingly simple situation far more complicated.  For instance, you have to consider whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is appropriate.  What about paying off debt after bankruptcy?  What about paying for legal fees? 

Sometimes individuals just need a human face to speak with, one that can speak plainly and compassionately, without any complex legalese.  Hiring the right bankruptcy lawyer in Chicago will help you to avoid the worst of bankruptcy problems, such as creditor harassment, repossessions of your house or car, and personal lawsuits. 

You may be able to keep your most important assets and your weekly wages, if you hire someone capable of handling your case.  Bankruptcy does not have to be the end of the world, nor does it mean your life is taking a turn for the worst.  You are merely a victim of circumstance.  Fortunately, there are options to pursue and one of the most important steps you must take now is aligning yourself with a qualified lawyer who can help you file for bankruptcy and in reasonable terms.

Remember, bankruptcy is not an easy means of escape.  Creditors can still hound you for payments or file a lawsuit against you.  If you really want financial alleviation you must work with a bankruptcy lawyer in Chicago who has working experience and a solid track record of success!  Contact an attorney in your area today.

Friday, 3 February 2012

What Can a Personal Injury Lawyer in Chicago Do for You?

A personal injury lawyer in Chicago can help you recover damages for life-changing and health-threatening injuries you sustain because of other people’s negligence.  The actual term refers to injuries involving the body, mind or emotions.  The personal injury lawyer must present a case showing the damages that have taken place, show how the defendant is responsible for the injuries, and then set an amount of damages on the injury.

Sometimes people are awarded thousands of dollars, sometimes they are awarded millions.  Sometimes they are awarded nothing.  Yes, you can just imagine how stressful this situation could be!  People who pursue personal injury cases are usually not greedy; instead, they have lost something and perhaps their only means of livelihood.  The main damages awarded are not for pain and suffering but for the loss of all future income, as well as medical bills and therapy bills.

Whether negligence is exhibited through dangerous driving, unsafe conditions in the workplace or in a business, or through defective products or services, the prosecuting attorney must prove that the defendant is indeed guilty of negligence. 

When looking for a personal injury lawyer in Chicago, be sure to choose a professional who has experience in personal injury—someone who has taken on and won many cases of personal abuse and neglect.  Naturally, you want to find someone who can fight for your rights and who can go toe to toe with some of the best defense attorneys money can buy. 

Rest assured, the defendants will try to make you look greedy, cast doubt upon your character and try to distort the facts of your case.  The only way to fight this sort of “fire” is with fire—with an attorney who knows the tricks of the trade and who is smart enough to reemphasize the key issues to the judge or jury.  Call a local attorney for a free consultation! 

Monday, 23 January 2012

Tips on Finding a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Chicago

Are you trying to find a bankruptcy lawyer in Chicago?  This is by no means an ordinary business transaction.  Choose the right lawyer and you could enjoy a fairly straightforward experience.  Choose the wrong lawyer, or attempt to file bankruptcy yourself, and you could make matters much worse.  What are some tips on finding a qualified bankruptcy lawyer?

First, work with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Chicago who specializes in bankruptcy.  You can research an attorney online and determine his level of education, business experience and review his state associations.  (i.e. the American Board of Certification, state bar association and National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys)

You could also check with your local bankruptcy court and ask for a list of all practicing lawyers in your area.  They may offer lists, information packets or perhaps even a referral.  They may also provide you with a list of the filing process procedures in case you want to try to file on your own.  However, if you are thousands of dollars in debt or have ruthless creditors following you, it is recommended that you align yourself with an attorney that specializes in bankruptcy cases. 

Last but not least, consider the advantages or disadvantages of working with a large firm and small firm.  Larger firms tend to charge higher fees, but they often employ the most experienced lawyers.  An individual bankruptcy lawyer in Chicago from a small firm, or who is privately employed, may lack the experience and know-how that is so important in this situation.  Of course, many people prefer the personal approach that smaller firms provide, especially if they have never filed for bankruptcy before.

It is estimated that well over one million Americans file for bankruptcy each year, and as the recession continues, even higher figures are projected.  Do not hesitate to contact an attorney and discuss your situation!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

This is Why You Should Hire a DUI Lawyer in Chicago with Experience

Why should you look for an experienced DUI lawyer in Chicago?  Because DUI arrests are rising in Illinois and you cannot afford a lengthy jail term!  Nearly 50,000 people are arrested in the state of Illinois for DUI each year.  In this area, blood alcohol content level of 0.08 percent or more is legally drunk.  For a commercial driver’s license the BAC is even less. 

Nearly 3,000 underage drivers are arrested in the state for DUI.  In fact, Chicago, Illinois has recently started enacting more severe penalties for first-time offenders, hoping this precedent will serve as a deterrent.  Unfortunately, these sorts of deterrents rarely work.  What has happened though is that many young people are being slapped with jail time, loss of the license and massive fines for their first and second DUI offense.  Some repeat offenders can even be charged with a felony!

The only way to level out the field (since prosecuting attorneys will be ruthless in character assassination) is to hire an experienced defense attorney who can fight for you in court.  Whether you were innocent, and were not driving under the influence, or were guilty but wish to enter a less severe plea bargain, working with an experienced attorney is the best way to approach the allegation.

An experienced professional can help you negotiate a plea bargain, or can help clear your name by examining the evidence.  When looking for a DUI lawyer inChicago, be sure to choose someone who specializes in DUI cases, and someone who has tried many successful cases, and helped protect unjustly accused defendants. 

Everyone makes mistakes.  However, there is a big difference between a mistake and a life-changing accusation that will permanently mar your name and character.  Don’t accept severe sentences if you feel the terms are unjust.  Contact a Chicago lawyer today!